Simple Hair Care Routine

Simple Hair Care Routine for Wavy Hair with Best Life’s Haircare Range

Are you also one of those people who do not value wavy hair only because straight hair is the new trend? Or you are just not happy with how your waves look in pictures? Then, it probably means that you are not treating your wavy hair well!

Straight hair might be in trend, but wavy hair has a unique charm. Let us move ahead and learn how you can unlock the full potential of your wavy hair. 

The Ultimate Wavy Hair Care Routine

You will find many tips and guides out there for people with curly hair. However, wavy hair is different from curly hair and requires a little more attention. Wavy-haired people feel a bit lost as they do not know how to look after their waves and get those beautiful round waves. Not anymore! Here is your expert wavy hair routine to maintain healthy wavy hair:

Cleansing and conditioning

    The shampoo from which you wash your hair is a crucial determining factor in how healthy and nourished your hair is. You must use the best cg friendly shampoo in India that is sulfate-free as it will gently cleanse your hair, and that too without stripping it of its natural oils. For this, choose Best Life’s Curl Nourish (Moroccan Argan Oil) Hair Shampoo as it is made with natural ingredients. 

    Remember, always apply shampoo to your scalp and roots and after that, use a hydrating conditioner like Best Life’s Curl Nourish (Moroccan Argan Oil) hair conditioner to support your hair. Instead of buying our shampoo and conditioner individually, you can also buy our ulta-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner set.

    Detangle your hair with care and grace

      Once you are done washing your hair with the best curly hair shampoo and conditioner, use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair gently. But remember, you must do so when you still have the conditioner on. This will ensure you do not have to struggle with hair knots and tangles. 

      Rinse off the conditioner like a pro

        After detangling your hair, use lukewarm water to rinse off the conditioner. Doing so will make you feel like you are washing away all your stress and worries of managing your wavy hair with it. However, make sure you rinse your hair like a pro and do not leave any residue behind. 

        Remove the excess water

          Give your hair a giant hug by wrapping a lightweight towel around your hair. Without rubbing hair with the towel to remove excess water, gently squeeze the water out. It is the best way to avoid frizz and increase shine. 

          Hair cream magic

            Introducing Best Life’s Curl Nourish Hydrating Style Hair Cream for curly and wavy hair, your hair’s best friend. This hair cream adds a charm to your waves by deep conditioning them with a powerful dose of moisture and nutrients.

            It is best for over processed, damaged and color treated hair. Simply put, if you have wavy hair that is thirsty for moisture, you can rely on our wavy and curly hair cream for intense conditioning. 

            Style your hair as you like 

              After all this process, you can now finally style your wavy hair as you like. If you want light to medium-strong hold for long lasting and natural looking waves, consider using our Curl Nourish Hydrating Style Gel for curly and wavy hair. It will make you feel like you are an artist and your hair is a masterpiece.

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              Lastly, we can only say that wavy hair is unique and beautiful. Hence, they need proper care and wavy hair products such as the best hair growth shampoo for curly hair and the best hydrating conditioner for curly hair. And once you start giving your wavy hair the love and care that they deserve, you will never want to use heat styling tools to straighten your hair. So, embrace your uniqueness with Best Life’s wavy hair care range!

              Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

              Q1- How will I know if my hair is wavy or curly?

              Ans. If you are still confused about your hair type, you can go for the strand test where you need to wrap a small section of your hair around your finger. If it forms a spiral or coil, it means you have curly hair. On the other hand, if it remains straight, your hair is wavy.  

              Q2- How many types of wavy hair are there?

              Ans. There are three types of wavy hair, and knowing which type of wavy hair you have will help you easily choose the best hair growth shampoo for curly hair and achieve your desired look. That is because each type demands different treatment and care. 

              • Loose waves: Subtle and soft S shaped waves
              • Defined waves: More prominent waves with a slight bend or curve
              • Strong waves: The most different and defined wave type that is often mistaken for a loose curl pattern

              Q3- What are some tips for maintaining wavy hair?

              Ans. Below are some tips that can help you take care of wavy hair:

              • Apply hair oil at least twice a week
              • Use the best curly hair shampoo and conditioner 
              • Consider getting a wavy hair treatment occasionally 
              • Be gentle with your hair and get a hair spa treatment at least once a month
              • Cover your hair when going out and go easy on hair accessories like bands and clips

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              Q4- How to comb wavy hair?

              Ans. You should not brush your wavy hair when they are dry. That is because it causes tension that disrupts your wave pattern and results in breakages. The best time to brush wavy hair is when they are wet and have conditioner on. Gently detangle with your fingers, and after that, use a gentle hairbrush or a toothcomb to do the same. 

              Q5- How to get wavy hair overnight?

              Ans. To get wavy hair overnight, take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the sock. Continue doing so until all your hair is wrapped around the sock. Secure the end of the hair and the sock with a hairband or tie and leave overnight. When you will remove it after some time or in the morning, you will surely have large, bouncy and natural waves.
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