Care For Natural Curls

Care For Natural Curls: The Do’s and Don’ts You Should Know

Many people do not know how to care for naturally curly hair. Natural curls are not only unique but look beautiful and there is no doubt that having natural curls is a gift. However, this hair type demands special care and attention that you might miss as not all hair care routines specifically focus on the hair care needs of curly headed people.

The best curly hair products in India are required to properly maintain curly hair and keep them healthy and bouncy. In addition, there are some curly hair do’s and don’ts that you need to know to embrace the unique style of your curls. In this blog, we will tell you about these do’s and don’ts so you know exactly how you are falling short in keeping your locks healthy, gorgeous and defined. So let us start with the do’s first!

The Do’s of Natural Curly Hair Care:

Remember and follow these curly hair care tips if you want healthy and more vibrant curls:

  • Switch to a sulfate free shampoo

If you use a regular shampoo for curly hair in India with sulfates and parabens, it is now time to ditch it. Start using a paraben and sulfate free shampoo instead, as it helps maintain the natural moisture barrier of your scalp and curls.

This in turn will also help you get rid of frizz and dryness. Try our sulfate free and ultra moisturizing Argan Nourish (Moroccan Argan Oil) Hair Shampoo. It works best to moisturize and repair dry hair.

  • Do apply conditioner after every hair wash

Since curly hair is thirsty hair, a deep conditioner is undoubtedly the best friend of every curly girl. Therefore, you should use the best curly hair conditioner after every shampoo session. It will not only boost the moisture level in your hair but will also help you detangle your curly locks with ease.

  • Keep your scalp and hair moisturized

Adequate moisturization is necessary to ensure your natural curls do not get prone to dryness and frizz. Besides this, moisturization is also an essential part of the natural curls hair care routine.

Therefore, the best way to eliminate frizz in natural curls is to use a deep conditioning hair mask and the best curl cream for curly hair. These best curly hair products in India act as an added source of moisture to keep your strands hydrated and healthy.  

The Don’ts of Natural Curly hair Care:

Here are some things that you should avoid when maintaining the health of your natural curls:

  • Do not brush your hair

Many curly headed people often make the big mistake of brushing their curls when they are dry. Doing so not only disrupts the natural curl patterns but also results in breakage and frizz. It does not mean that you should skip brushing your hair. Instead, only make sure that you do it the right way.

Consider detangling your curly hair with a wide toothed comb when the curls are semi dry or soaking wet and have conditioner in them. For this, consider using our Biotin ACV Hair Conditioner, which boosts moisture and brings the volume back into cleansed hair.

  • Do Not Use Heat Styling Tools

Avoid using heat styling tools like flat irons and curling irons on your natural curls. That is because exposure to too much heat leads to damaged strands. Moreover, heat styling tools also result in dehydrated curls.

Consider switching to homemade and natural products, as they will bring life back into your curls. Define and Shine Hydrating Style Gel by Best Life is the best hair styling gel that boosts definition and promotes vibrant and volumizing hair with a lightweight and flexible hold. 

  • Do not over wash your hair

Washing your hair frequently can take away the natural oil from your scalp and hair strands. And not having enough hair oil can lead to dryness and breakage. Since all hair strands are different, you need to consider your lifestyle and hair to decide how often you want to wash your hair. Although washing curls once or twice a week is considered the best, you can increase this count if your lifestyle demands you to do so.

For example, if you are a sportsperson who works out very often, your hair will become oily in a day or two. In this case, you will probably need to wash your hair after every 2 days. If this is you, you will love our Biotin ACV Hair Shampoo because it is infused with the natural goodness of organic aloe vera and apple cider vinegar that will strengthen and give your hair a lustrous shine. 


If you are following a curly hair care routine, you need to be gentle and consistent. That is because care for curls requires using proper methods and the right products, as wrong haircare methods can damage the natural texture of your curls.

Remember the list of do’s and don’ts discussed in this blog to pamper your natural curly hair and flaunt healthy hair. Lastly, do not forget to explore the wide range of 100% natural and best curly hair products in India by Best Life!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- Which shampoo and conditioner is best for curly hair?

Ans. The best shampoo for curly hair in India is usually the one that is sulfate free and is specifically formulated for people with curly hair. Look for the best hair care products for curly hair that reduce frizz, enhance curl definition and provide moisture.

Ingredients like argan oil, aloe vera, onion extract and apple cider vinegar are beneficial for curly hair. And guess what? Best Life offers curly hair shampoos and conditioners with all these ingredients. Click here to shop our 100% natural and high quality products!

Q2- How to maintain curly hair?

Ans. Maintaining curly hair is easy if you have a gentle sulfate free conditioner and shampoo for curly hair in India. Besides this, regular deep conditioning with 100% natural oil, gentle detangling with a wide toothed comb, exfoliating with a scalp scrub and using the best curl cream for curly hair can help you maintain and showcase the natural beauty of your curly hair. 

Q3- How to manage curly hair?

Ans. Here are some tips to help you manage your curly hair effectively:

  • Know your curl type for customized care
  • Keep your curls and scalp hydrated and moisturized with the best hair mask for curly hair
  • Avoid overwashing your hair to retain natural oils
  • Protect curls by not using heat styling tools
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