How to Refresh Your Curls: 3 Easy and Quick Tips- Best Life

How to Refresh Your Curls: 3 Easy and Quick Tips- Best Life

Every curly-haired girl would agree that maintaining beautiful and voluminous defined curls every day is not an easy thing to do. Keeping up with the curly hair routine takes too much time and effort. And sometimes, even after spending time trying to maintain your curls, you end up with hair that does not look the way you want it to.

But this does not have to be the case all the time! Many curly hair products in India can help you refresh your hair and maintain that perfect volume and bounce, and that too, without much effort.

Guess what? We will help you get familiar with these products and other easy techniques and tips you need to know to master the art of refreshing your curly and wavy hair. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading the blog below!

What does curl refreshing exactly mean?

Some curlies might have already heard about refreshing, but for those who do not know, refreshing is the practice of using little time, tools and products to preserve your curls well after wash day. Simply put, it means getting frizz-free and defined curls with minimum effort and without starting from scratch (washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner for curly hair in India) every morning.

When do your curls need a refresh?

Curly hair undoubtedly looks good but requires more maintenance than straight and other hair types. But the question is, when and how often does your curly hair need a refresh?”. There is no fixed answer to this question as it depends from person to person and how their hair behaves.

For example, some people see their curls losing definition and bounce after two days, while some notice this happening with their hair after 4-5 days. But whenever you experience this, know that now is the time to refresh your hair. But before we get into the refreshing methods, you must understand that nothing done in excess is good.

Our point behind telling you these methods is to inspire you so you can see which one suits your hair type, length and porosity. So, typically, it's all about trial and error. If one technique fails to provide the desired results, switch to another!

This practice will allow you to make progress and know the right combination of methods and products to refresh curly hair that will finally match your curl pattern and lifestyle. Let us address the most awaited question now that you are ready.

How to refresh curls?

Although there are many refreshing methods, which is right for you depends on various factors, including what your hair needs and curl type. For example, it might be possible that you and your friend both have curly hair, but one of you needs more volume, and the other one needs more definition in their hair. In this case, the refreshing method will be different.

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That is why you must find out what you need and then notice what suits you best. Let us take a closer look at each refreshing method and tip, some of which will surely make your refresh routine efficient and effective.

Tip 1: Sleeping 

If you take good care of your hair when sleeping at night, you will need to spend less time to refresh your hair. We recommend you try the pineapple or double-pineapple method. Consider bending your head forward to gather and tie your curls into a loose bun with a silk or satin rubber band. You can also use a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent frizz and ensure your curls are moisturized and intact. It will set you up for success when you are finally ready to refresh your curls in the morning with a hair conditioner for frizzy curly hair.

Tip 2: Dry Refreshing 

Usually, only thick curlies use the finger coiling technique to refresh their curls because thick curls hold their shape more easily than thin curls. The technique involves wrapping a strand of your hair around your finger to get that hair definition back. Although the technique does not yield long-term results, you can try it if you want your curls to look perfect for hardly an hour or so (if you have thin curls) and a day (if you have thick curls).

Another dry refreshing method is using as little water as possible to refresh your curls. But if you have tried this method, you must know that just water is not enough. Applying a hair conditioner for frizzy curly hair, such as Define and Shine Hydrating Gel or cream is essential.

To do this effectively, divide your hair into smaller sections, roughly add a small amount of gel on your hands, distribute the gel over your sectioned curls, let your hair dry naturally and you are good to go! Even if you are using a diffuser, do not forget to keep the temperature low. 

Tip 3: Wet Refreshing 

The wet refreshing method is more efficient than dry refreshing for people with fine, fluffy and thin hair because using enough water to refresh your curls creates more definition and reactivates the hair styling products you used when you washed your hair. This method involves clumping and redefining your curls using water and your favorite gel. You will get the best results if you have more control over the water, and that is only possible if you use a spray bottle.


Besides the three tips discussed in this blog, one last and most important tip for refreshing your curls is to buy the right products. Best Life’s high-quality shampoo and conditioner for curly hair in India can give your curls more bounce, volume and definition so you can confidently flaunt your beautiful curls and live a carefree wake-up-and-go curl life.

Infused with natural ingredients, our luxury curly hair care combo can provide your damaged and color-treated hair with the moisturizer they need to get back to life. So, do not keep waiting anymore and explore our range of curly hair styling products from our website today!
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