How to Manage Curly Hair in Humidity

An Ultimate Guide on How to Manage Curly Hair in Humidity

No matter your hair type, environmental factors like humidity and wind can make your hair frizzy. But if you are a woman with naturally curly hair, you would relate to the fact that curly hair types are extra vulnerable to humidity. The rise in temperature leads to high humidity and more frizz in hair.

It is that time of the year when almost every curly haired girl desperately searches for the best and quickest ways to fix frizz. While you cannot avoid the humidity and hot winds on long sunny days, you have the option to invest in the best curly hair shampoo and protect your curls to ensure a smooth finish.

Dive into the blog further to know how humidity affects curly hair and some tips to protect your curls from humidity and flaunt frizz-free curls even in hot and humid conditions.

What effects does humidity have on curly hair?

Before we discuss the best curly hair styling products that you must use to manage frizzy hair in humid weather, let us talk about the effects of humidity on your curls. 

Humidity refers to moisture level or vapor concentration in the air and high humidity means more water droplets. But the question is, curls need moisture, so how does humidity become a matter of concern? The answer is that you do not have to worry if you have strong curls. That is because strong curls means that your cuticle layer will open up to let moisture in and it will close after once it gets all the moisture it needs.

But if your curls are unhealthy, your cuticle layer will open up due to high humidity and it will remain lifted. It means your curls will lose moisture as quickly as they get it, and you will eventually end up with dry and frizzy hair. In simple words, frizz only occurs in curls that lack the moisture required to withstand humid weather conditions. If we speak scientifically, frizz develops when ambient relative humidity is above 70%. However, every person has unique hair, and different hair reacts differently to humidity.

How your hair reacts to humidity depends on factors like hair type and hair care routine. In a nutshell, humidity refers to the water vapor in the air and high humidity makes curly hair transform into tighter coils. You have more chances of getting frizzy hair if you have dry, damaged, high porosity and thick hair.

Tips on how to manage curly hair in high humidity

When humidity becomes high, safeguarding your curls becomes essential. But the question is, how? Below are some tips you must adopt if you want to protect your hair and curls better:

  • Use the best curly hair shampoo and conditioner

Consider using hair products that are specifically made for your particular hair type. For example, you will need to use a hydrating and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner if you have naturally curly hair that becomes frizzy during humidity, if you use hair styling tools frequently, or if you have chemically treated hair.

Argan Nourish (Moroccan Argan Oil) Hair Shampoo by Best Life is an ultra-moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo that moisturizes and repairs dry hair. In the same way, Argan Nourish Hair Conditioner by Best Life is a super moisturizing conditioner that will not only keep your curls moisturized but will also repair dry and damaged hair. 

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  • Start using curly hair cream and gel

You must adopt extra hair holding styling products as a first line of defense. Avoid using straight oil because they attract moisture from the air. Instead, start layering your hair with curly hair cream and gel.

While the hair cream infuses your hair with a powerful dose of moisture and nutrients, the hair gel provides a lightweight and flexible hold and will also help you boost definition for vibrant and voluminising hair.  

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  • Try using a good hair mask

Sometimes, using a conditioner during every hair wash isn’t enough to provide moisture to your hair. Therefore, a deep-conditioning hair mask is recommended for weekly treatment for curly hair types.

For your weekly routine, apply a deep conditioning strength & repair hair mask. Besides helping you deliver extra moisture to fight frizz all day, a hair mask for curly hair will also help you fight frizz.

Additional Tips to Deal With Humidity 

In addition to using the top curly hair styling products, here are two more useful tips that can help you safeguard your curls from humidity:

  • On days of humidity, avoid stepping out of your house with wet curls because this will prevent the absorption of excess moisture in your strands. 
  • Do not use a terry towel when drying your hair. Instead, consider using cotton towels as they can easily absorb moisture from your hair. 
  • Block humidity by covering your hair with a scarf or a hat. Doing so will help you protect the cuticle surface from moisture penetration. Not only this but covering your head when going outside in the humid weather can help you prevent headaches. 
  • Avoid blow drying your hair and using other hair styling tools in extreme humidity. Using such tools in high moisture conditions will do no good to your hair as it will only amplify frizz. Therefore, try to embrace those natural curls on highly humid days. 

Maintaining Curly Hair in Humid Summers Does Not Have to Be Difficult! 

You must have realized that you cannot control the weather, and hot and humid conditions can make your hair strands lose shape and become frizzy. Therefore, managing curly hair in humidity is undoubtedly very frustrating for all the curly haired girls. But the good news in this situation is that building a good hair care routine and following some simple tips can help you keep your curls moisturized and healthy.

And when we are talking about hair care routine, curly hair products by Best Life must be your preferred choice as we have developed all our products using the best ingredients. Using our high-performing products will help you ensure your curly hair remains frizz-free even in high humid conditions. Do not believe us? Shop from our website today and see it for yourself!
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