How to find the best natural products for your hair?

How to find the best natural products for your hair?

We all want those perfect-looking, luscious locks- natural looking hair that moves with us from morning to night without getting frizzy or oily. Women with curly, wavy hair are extremely lucky but they also need to put in extra effort to maintain their curls. There are numerous products out there in the market that claim to be ‘curl-friendly’ but obviously, not all products are going to be good for your curls. The variety of “Curly-girl” (“CG”) friendly products in India can get confusing and investing in products that don’t work for you can get discouraging or even worse, damage your hair. 

With the pollution levels rising, a hectic schedule, stressful work-place, etc., it is your hair and skin that faces the brunt of all these factors. Your natural healthy hair is right beneath that damaged exterior and only the right kind of products, nourishment and care can unleash it. 

Here are a few tips that will help you find the right products for your hair-

  • Knowing & Determining your Hair Type
  • The very first step to choosing the right products is knowing your hair type. Once you know your hair type you’ll be on the right track to choosing the right products. 

    There are four factors that help you determine type of your hair, these are:-

          1. TextureTake a strand of your hair in between your index finger and your thumb.

                If you don’t feel the hair - your hair is thin and sensitive
                If you somewhat feel the hair – your hair is medium/normal texture
                If you distinctly feel the hair – you have thick hair which is more prone to frizz

            2. Porosity – Porosity is defined as the ability of the hair to retain & absorb moisture. To check the porosity of your hair, take a bowl of water and put a strand of your hair in it. 

      If it sinks – your hair has high porosity, hence more damage and prone to gaps & tears in the cuticle.

      If it floats – your hair has low porosity, hence products & moisture are hard to absorb.

      If it stays suspended in the middle – you have medium porosity, hence an ideal condition for moisture & product absorption.

          3. Scalp Type – To know your scalp type wash your hair and let it air dry. After 2 to 4 hours take a blotting paper and rub it to your scalp. 

      If it is the same – your scalp is dry and more prone to dandruff, roughness and frizz. 

      If you see a little oily residue on paper – your scalp is oily and more prone to look greasy and flat.

      If there are only a few traces of oil – your scalp is normal which means more products will work for you. 

    1. Look for products that are for your Hair type
    2. Once you know your hair type, look for the best shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair and other products such as hair-masks that help in caring for naturally textured hair. There are several products that are designed and formulated specially for your textured hair. These products help unravel your hair’s natural form and define it for better volume and hydration. 

    3. Stay Away from Suspicious Ingredients
    4. There are a few hair and skin care ingredients that have a substantial amount of data to support their toxicity even in the low doses that they are used in these products. Look for these on the label and try to avoid formulas that contain them or read up more on the ingredient and see what is the type of damage associated and if you would want to consider that as acceptable in your routine. 

      Ingredients to avoid in haircare: -

      • Parabens- are easily absorbed while scalp is wet
      • Silicones- creates a coating on hair, so natural texture is modified. Can cause build-up.
      • Sulfates- are harsh cleansers- the same as what are used in dish-washing and cleaning liquid. When used often they dry out the hair making it brittle and make the scalp prone to irritation.

      For healthy hair growth and repair it is important to invest in quality products that will nourish your scalp and hair follicles. 

    5. Look for products with proteins
    6. Protein is a very essential ingredient for curly hair. Lack of protein in curly hair can make it loose form and structure. It is mainly the protein which gives structure to your curls. The things you should look for when identifying proteins are wheat, soy, corn, oats etc. These are the large molecule proteins and when used correctly in formulas, act as defining agents. 

       All products with “for curly hair” written on them are not good. They might have some damaging ingredients in them so check thoroughly. DIYs and drugstore products can be a great way to start your healthy hair journey but these generally work as temporary solutions and are not able to sustainably provide long term results. 

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