Anti Frizz Curly Hair Styling Products

Anti Frizz Curly Hair Styling Products: Choose The Best For Your Hair

Fizz can turn your hair into a mess and can make you suffer a bad hair day. But people with curly hair know that it is a part of the deal. 

For some people, frizz might be exactly what they want as it does add a lot of volume to your hair as well.

In this blog post we will talk about what exactly frizz is and how you can combat it to help keep your curls remain shiny, smooth and defined.

We will offer you some useful tips and tricks that are easy to follow anf help keep your hair tame and healthy!

What Exactly is Frizz?

When moisture from the environment penetrates the shaft of the hair due to the outermost layer of the hair, known as the hair cuticle, becoming rough and raised, it causes the hair to be frizzy.

Since it is much more textured and porous in nature, curly hair is at a higher risk of getting frizzy easily.

What Causes Frizz?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the frizz in curly hair. 

Some of there are:

  • Damaged Hair

When you heat style your hair too frequently or use tight hair styles or color treat your hair too often, the hair cuticles become dull and rough. It causes your hair to lose all moisture, hydration and strips it away of nourishment. This causes your hair to get damaged. Damaged hair is more porous hence attracts more moisture and ends up exposing the inner cortex of the hair which is very fragile.

  • Product Buildup

If you are used to applying styling products frequently, it can cause accumulation of product in your hair. This leads to residue and oils weighing down on your curls that can make your hair frizzy.

  • Dry Hair

You cuticles tend to absorb a lot of moisture from the environment if your hair is dry. When moisture is absorbed it makes your hair cuticles swell and lift. This can cause your hair to look frizzy.

  • Hair Type

For girls with curly hair, frizz is a natural but unfortunate factor. Curly hair is often drier in comparison to other hair types as it restricts oils to travel down the shaft with ease. Due to the pattern of curly hair, the cuticles also tend to be rougher.

  • Environmental Factors

Whether your hair will be tame or not is often dictated by the weather conditions. Your hair is more likely to become frizzy, unruly and puffy if you live in an area where there is a lot of moisture in the environment. This can lead to a loss in softness and shine.

How To Achieve Anti Frizz Curly Hair

Now that we have discussed what causes hair to be frizzy, let’s discuss some tricks to achieve Anti Frizz Curly Hair.

  • Sulfate-Free Anti Frizz Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Do in depth research and choose the best shampoo for dry frizzy curly hair

Make sure that the shampoo you are getting for yourself is sulfate-free as it avoids stripping your hair of any natural oils and prevents it from drying any more. 

Invest in an anti frizz anti dandruff shampoo that is free of sulfates as it helps your hair achieve that shine and smoothness you long for. 

Anti frizz and shine hair products help your hair stay in the perfect shape and prevent any frizz from setteling in.

  • Conditioner, Hair Masks and Creams

The cuticle will not raise in search of moisture to absorb from the surrounding environment if your hair achieves enough hydration from within.

Add hair care products like hair masks, a good-quality curl cream for curly hair and a conditioner into your hair care routine. Use these products at least twice a week for the proper hydration and nourishment of your hair.

Hair masks can work wonders for frizzy hair as they have a higher concentration of ingredients that will help lock moisture into your curls and repair any existing damage.

Leave the conditioner in your hair for 10-30 minutes to help it absorb into the hair cuticle and avoid putting any product on the scalp.

  • Keep The Temperature Down

When you wash your hair, keep in mind to use water that is cool or cold. 

Avoid using warm or hot water as it strips your hair of any natural oils. 

This results in your hair cuticles lifting and makes your hair a lot more fuzzier than before.

Rinse your hair using cool water, keep it at lower temparatures.

  • Detangling Your Curly Hair

Use a wide toothed comb to detangle your hair, especially if you have a curly hair type. Always comb through your hair right after you apply conditioner. This helps maintain the natural shape and curl pattern of your hair and prevents friction.

  • Gentle Drying

DO NOT rub your hair with a cotton towel while drying it. Rubbing your hair causes it to frizz us as the cuticles tend to roughen up. This results in tangles and breakage. Instead, try to air dry your hair as much as possible and use a microfibre towel instead of a cotton one.

  • Heat Protection is Must

We understand that it can be painfully tempting to use heat styling tools on your hair, especially if it is acting wild and your need to control the frizz. 

However, heat styling can be damaging your hair further and aggravating the situation. If you really need to use heat styling, try to use it at the lowest possible setting. 

There are many heat-less styling tools and curly hair styling products that do not require heat, availible in the market. Opt for those. 

Always remeber to apply heat protection before you style. As for the application, take a pea sized drop and apply it throughout your damp hair before you begin styling to minimize the damage.

  • Locking in The Moisture

It is extemely important to lock in the moisture after you wash your hair. 

Use a good-quality leave-in conditioner as it is lightweight and allows your curls to stay hydrated, from within, throughout the day.

  • Trim Your Locks

Once you have split ends, unfortunately there is no such product that can fix it. 

The best way to avoid this situation is to get regular trims. 

Trimming your hair routinely helps keep your hair looking frizz free and healthy.


By making these tips and tricks an essential part of your routine you will be able to combat frizz effectively. 

Remember, managing your curls and keeping them frizz free is a process that takes time and patience. 

Some hits and trials won’t hurt and you might have to be patient with the experimentation but it will really help you understand what is best for your unique hair. Finding the perfect routine does not come easy, but it is worth it for sure.

Once you have perfected your routine and understand what works best for you, you will be able to cherish and enjoy your lovely curls even more.

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